Birth Partner Preparations

Birth Partner Preparation Support Sessions

Informative and Compassionate

Choosing your birth partner is an important part of planning your birth experience. You will need to feel comfortable and safe with your chosen partner and feel that they are someone you can trust.

Your birth partner will also want to be confident in their abilities to support you and help you to feel calm and reassured during birth, especially with Covid-19 restrictions impacting their experience.

This package offers informative and practical support for you and your birth partner so you can be prepared for all eventualities.

As your doula I will:

  • Help to prepare your birth partner for what they can expect during your labour and what their role as your birth partner may look like

  • Support you to talk through your preferences for birth with your birth partner

  • Help to fill any gaps in knowledge about pregnancy, birth and parenting and answering any questions either of you may have

  • Share sources of evidence-based information for pregnancy and birth

  • Support your birth partner so that they feel confident in supporting and possibly advocating for you

  • Provide practical tips for during labour

Investment: £350

x4 virtual preparation sessions (2 hour sessions)

Text and email support in-between sessions

*It can be useful to work through these sessions together so at least one session will involve both you and your birth partner. Sometimes it is also useful for the birth partner to explore their feelings and thoughts without you so a least one session will be by themselves. You get to choose if you attend the remaining session with your birth partner.

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