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Solo Birth Partner

Solo Birth Partner

Continuous Care

Every woman and birthing person, has the right to choose who supports them during their birth.

Sometimes this may be your partner, a family member, a friend. Sometimes you may choose someone else.

No matter who you choose, this choice must be respected by anyone caring for you and the decision of who will support you is solely yours.

As your sole birth partner, I am fully focused on you and will be with you from whenever you need me through to birthing your baby. As a doula, I am able to offer the physical and emotional support of a birth partner whilst offering professional and informative support too.

So, no matter your circumstances, my support focuses on you, your needs and your choices.

As your sole birth partner and doula I will:

  • Listen to you throughout your journey, offering space to talk about how you feel without judgement

  • Support you to create a plan for your birth and prepare you for what to expect in labour

  • Offer informative support so that you are able to make fully informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth and early days as a new parent

  • Be present at antenatal appointments and scans (I can do this via phone if restrictions are in place)

  • Help to prepare you for early parenthood and creating a postpartum plan

  • Be there for you during labour, from whenever you need me until your baby is here and you are both settled in.

Following birth:

  • Offer you space and time to talk about your birth experience

  • Help with feeding, sleeping and soothing baby

  • Support your recovery and rest

Investment £1450

4 Pregnancy support sessions

2 Postnatal support sessions

Presence throughout your labour with an on-call period starting from 38 weeks until baby is born.

Continuous text and email support

Don't let finances get in the way of any support you need and deserve. Please ask if you would like to discuss a payment plan for any of my services.

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