What I am 'do-ulaing' right now

People often ask, "What does a doula do?" So here are just some of the things I am currently doing in my role as a doula.

Updated January 2021

Here are some of the amazing clients I am currently working with...

Client Support

  • At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege of supporting a wonderful family welcome their newest member into their home. A beautiful water birth powered by love and faith, saw a perfect little person safely arrive earth side. After a short labour and a short trip to hospital to have baby checked out, this family are now adjusting to life together. I will be supporting their 4th trimester too.

  • This month and the new lockdown has meant I have had quite a few enquiries for 'virtual support'. The past year taught me how important doula support still was during the pandemic so I am glad to able to offer my services remotely.

  • I am continuing to support a solo parent as they figure out how to look after themselves and their new baby at home. With colic having an impact of baby's settling, we are working through safe baby carrying, safe co-sleeping and essential self care techniques.

  • Sending information to a client so they can make informed decisions about their twin birth and start planning for the birth they want. Learning more about twin birth is fascinating for me and I can't wait to be a witness to their entry into the world.

  • I have the pleasure to be supporting a new mum and her partner on their feeding journey. Breastfeeding can be hard so, finding the right 

Always learning and unlearning

Education and Experience

With every client I support, I learn so many new things and I am building a library of resources that will help to support future clients. I am also always seeking education that will support my work as a doula. In particular, understanding cultural practices that support pregnancy, birth and postpartum care and supporting diversity in birth too.

  • I am currently reading The Aims Guide To Labour and will be completing a book review on this in a couple of weeks time.

  • Last month I attended the LGBTQ+ Compentancy Course by The Queer Birth Club. It was a brilliant course that gave so much vital education as well as creating space and opportunity for me to challenge myself and how I can ensure I offer safe support

  • Signed up to the Abuela Doula Directory and I look to invest in the  Postnatal Sankofa Course for 2021

  • Reading 'Girl, Woman, Other' by Bernardine Evaristo

Working to make positive change in the pregnancy, birth and early parenting world.

Birth World Work

  • *UPDATE* Although I didn't get the place as trustee for Birthrights, I have been asked to take part in a discussion board regarding Racial discrimination in the maternity system, which will be so important and something I am very passionate about. Plus the appointed trustees are AMAZING and include the wonderful Mars Lord.

  • I am often involved in discussions on several birthing groups on Facebook including The Home Birth Support group and Breech Birthing Support.

  • Working with newer doulas, seems to be part of my calling at the moment and I am enjoying having conversations about how to start work as a doula and how we maintain our support during the current climate.

  • Weekly catch up with fellow Nurturing Birth doulas. Doula to doula support is amazing.

  • Writing a letter to local and national MPs about restrictions in maternity care. Blog post to follow...

Looking after my physical and mental health

Self Care

Being a doula has an impact on my physical and mental health. In order to support others, I need to look after myself. 

  • At the end of last year, I spent some time reflecting on everything that had happened in 2020 and set myself some commitments for 2021. It has given me a clearer start to this year and I feel really focused on the key things I want to achieve. There are a few exciting things coming up, that I cannot wait to share with everyone. To follow my journey you can find me on instagram and facebook as mama2mamadoula.

  • Yoga is my reset button but I need to commit more time to it. My commitment dropped off last year but I have a plan to get back into a routine this month.

  • When I have had a busy day supporting clients emotionally, I need to take time out to meditate to ground myself.

  • Spending time with my family and friends (although difficult with Covid restrictions right now) gives me an instant boost.

Life as a working mama

Mama Me

  • I know that the recent lockdown restrictions have again left a lot of families working together from home which can present some tough times as well as an opportunity to be safe together. We are currently making a plan for home caring in case our childcare does have to close.

  • We had started gymnastic classes for our little on but unfortunately, these have now had to stop. It is quite upsetting that she will miss out on something that she really enjoys and has helped her to channel some of her energy. Time to get her out on her bike instead.

  • The Motherkind Podcast keeps me sane and reminds me to be kind to myself on a regular basis.

  • My partner has continued to be amazing and has he kept everything covered at home whilst I supported my birth client.




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