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Practical, informative and emotional doula support services.

Caring for you during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.

Lorraine is a certified pregnancy, birth and postnatal doula and photographer supporting families in and around Leeds and Manchester and virtually across the UK. Lorraine has cared for a diverse number of clients with compassion and a tenacity to improve the birthing experience for all. 

"I believe every birthing person deserves to have a positive experience on their journey to becoming a parent, no matter who they are and how they choose to birth and nurture their babies."

Whether it be supporting you to plan your homebirth or helping you to recover after your Caesarean birth, Lorraine will be there to give you the support you want and deserve whilst helping you to feel empowered along the way.


"I would honestly say that without Lorraine's virtual support, my pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences would have been very different. I really believe that I found a friend, confidant, and safe place in the time I spent with Lorraine. I definitely could not recommend her help and services as a doula enough."



Client Experiences

Every birth is different as is every birthing person. With each client I support I gain experience, knowledge and understanding of a different birthing journey. Here are some of the births and birthing people I have experience in supporting.

Home birth

Water birth

Caesarean/Belly birth

IVF/assisted conception

Birth trauma support

Pregnancy after loss

Solo parent

LGBTQ+ parent

Twin Parent

Hospital birth


"Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart. Be ready. Here comes life"

Maya Angelou