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Photography Services

Considerately capturing you and your world

Why I do what I do

As a doula my aim is to offer families care that compassionately holds them at the centre of their parenting experience. As a photographer, I strive to capture the moments in their world that are often lost or forgotten, with consideration for wherever they are on their journeys.
I want people to see their own power and feel the true emotions through my images. All birth is different but one thing is true that when it happens everyone who has experienced it either through the birth of their own child or seeing someone else’s, is forever transformed.
Capturing these moments of transformation and transition are such a privilege.


No matter where you are on your journey, there is a photography service for you.


Pregnancy Photography


Birth Photography


Family Photography

Considerately Capturing


Whether you take this session for yourself or with those closest to you, these photography packages focus on you and helping your to embrace and feel empowered during your pregnancy.

Considerately Capturing

Your Birth Story

Capturing your birth story as it happens, no matter what your plans are for birth and no matter where. These packages offer care and consideration whilst capturing the power and beauty of your birth,

Considerately Capturing

Your World

Whether you want to capture the whirlwind beauty of your postpartum period and all of the details of your newborn babe or the chaotic wonder of your family life; there is a package for you.

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Lorraine Pryce

Certified Doula and Professional Photographer

Hi, I am Lorraine and I am a pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula and a photographer working to care for and capture families in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester areas.

I am passionate about people, especially people on their birthing journeys. Being there to support and witness some of the biggest transitions and changes families go through, fills my heart with love and desire to make the birthing experience safe for all.

I believe everyone should have the support and care they need to have a positive birthing experience and work to ensure the birthing world is inclusive and considerate of our individual needs.

My photography style reflects my style as a doula, calming, compassionate and considerate of you and your needs. I reflect the beauty and the power you may not see in yourself and offer space and time to just be you. No posing, no immaculate sets, just you as you are in the world that you cherish.

Certifications and Achievements


Certified Birth Photographer

Certified in April 2021

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Certified Full Spectrum Doula

Certified September 2019

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Commissioned and exhibited artist

Exhibition August 2021


During the photography sessions I felt so chilled and relaxed. There was no pressure to pose (which I feel so uncomfortable doing) and Lorraine was able to capture moments of me just being me. I loved the shoot in the woods, as I asked if she wanted bare feet with the blue gown. She replied with no, I want you to wear your trainers as that's you! I love that energy.

Faye Kenny

The Gift of Giving

Gift Vouchers available on request

Looking for the perfect present for a baby shower gift? Or maybe a reason for getting your family together? I offer gift vouchers for all of my photography services so if you would like to give the gift of forever memories, please get in touch.

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