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Considerately capturing you and your world

Why I do what I do

I believe motherhood is one of the biggest transitions and transformations any mother will go through in her life and my motherhood photography aims to capture you in the truest moments of this transition. The moments that help shape the mother you are becoming.


How beautiful to see the moments that are often missed, be reflected back to you. The power in feeding your baby from your breast, knowing that their growth was nourished by every single feed or the stretch marks you gained from growing your perfect baby in your body. The connections between you and your children. The joy in the fleeting moments and the seemingly mundane.

There are so many huge transitional moments in our lives and bringing our children into this world, growing our families and changing as women, are some of the biggest.


Capturing the growth of our babies in our bodies through pregnancy photoshoots, to the story of their births in birth photographic storytelling, to the ever-changing world that is our family life, captured in the postpartum sessions; I want you to see your own power through the images I considerately capture. And create the opportunity for others to feel the true emotions and realities of motherhood through the projects and exhibitions that I share.


I believe this is especially true of my images of Black and brown families who are often underrepresented in this style of real and emotive storytelling photography. We have strength and a softness too. In a world that still holds on to damaging stereotypes surrounding Black and brown families, I want to wake it up to the truth of our beautiful humanity.

your growth, your story, your world, your journey


motherhood photography


Whether it be capturing your growth through pregnancy, the story of your birth or you and you baby in your new world in your postpartum, my mother/parenthood photography aims to capture the most intimate and emotional moments of this beautiful transition.

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No matter where you are in your journey through life, my personal portrait sessions aim to help you feel empowered in the body you are in and who you are right now. Celebrating all that is real and beautiful about you in a raw and unfiltered shoot that will reflect back to you all of your power.

portrait photography


passion project


These images are a body of work that I have created to represent and reflect the reality of being parents of colour. The work continues to grow and one day will be a symposium of mirrors reflecting back what more of society needs to see.

My Clients Say

"During the photography sessions I felt so chilled and relaxed. There was no pressure to pose (which I feel so uncomfortable doing) and Lorraine was able to capture moments of me just being me. I loved the shoot in the woods, as I asked if she wanted bare feet with the blue gown. She replied with no, I want you to wear your trainers as that's you! I love that energy."


Certifications and Achievements


Certified Birth Photographer

Certified in April 2021

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Certified Full Spectrum Doula

Certified September 2019


Commissioned and exhibited artist

Exhibition August 2021

The Gift of Giving

Gift Vouchers available on request

Looking for the perfect present for a baby shower gift? Or maybe a reason for getting your family together? I offer gift vouchers for all of my photography services so if you would like to give the gift of forever memories, please get in touch.

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