Capturing you in your moments

Why I do what I do

As a doula, I get to witness some of the most unfiltered, life changing moments in a persons life. As a photographer, I get to capture these moments in their unscripted nature.

I believe pregnancy, birth and parenthood can be embraced and enjoyed and like many of the people I support, I know that birth can be very different to how it is often portrayed. It can also feel different to what we are often told and does not have to be something we fear. Birth is something to be explored and along the way discover our power.

My images help to reflect the parts of ourselves we do not often see. Vulnerability, courage, power, joy. To be able to revisit these moments in your life and to lean into these feelings can open up your understanding of self and empowerment you may never have felt before.


"I absolutely loved the experience and I will always cherish it. Lorraine you made me feel so at ease in a body I barely recognised anymore. Thank you."




How I do what I do

My work meets you wherever you are. Whether that's in pregnancy or birth or in those whirlwind moments of the 4th trimester. No matter if you are feeling strong or in need of some gentle care, I will meet you where you are. This means I will capture you wherever you are most comfortable. If it is in your bed at home, I remove my shoes at the door. If is on the beach at sunset, I will bring a bucket and spade. My images focus on you and the reality of your world right now, no matter how messy or imperfect it maybe.



No matter where you are on your journey, there is a photography service for you.


Pregnancy Photography


Birth Photography


Postpartum Photography

Celebrating You

This photography session focuses on you and your pregnancy.

There for your big moment

Capturing your birth story as it happens,

New Beginnings

For all the beautiful little moments.


During the photography sessions I felt so chilled and relaxed. There was no pressure to pose (which I feel so uncomfortable doing) and Lorraine was able to capture moments of me just being me. I loved the shoot in the woods, as I asked if she wanted bare feet with the blue gown. She replied with no, I want you to wear your trainers as that's you! I love that energy.

Faye Kenny


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