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Doula Support

Compassionately Caring for YOU

My Doula Services

Doula costs and support packages

Every pregnancy and birth requires different kinds of support, which is why I tailor my doula services to the support that you need. You may want a doula to be there for when you give birth or you may want support whilst you figure out your new parenting role. Whichever service feels right for you, the support you receive will always be about your needs and your choices.


Pregnancy Support Packages

Helping you to prepare

These online pregnancy support packages are designed to be accessible and will help you to prepare for your birth, your postpartum period or both and can be received from the comfort of your own home.

Birth Doula Support Packages

Supporting your birth

My in person doula support packages will help you to prepare for the birth you want and I will continue to support your throughout your labour whether that is at home or in hospital, vaginal birth or c-section.

Postpartum Doula Support Packages

Supporting the new you

My postpartum doula support packages offer emotional, practical and informative support that focuses on you and helping your care for yourself and your new baby with knowledge and compassion for this big transition.

Don't let finances get in the way of any support you need and deserve.
Please ask if you would like to discuss a payment plan for any of my services.


Did you know...

  • That having continuous support during labour can have a positive effect on the mother and the outcome of the birth

  • The continuous support of a doula reduces the risk of having a Caesarean section by 39%

  • Doula support led to a 15% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Continuous support throughout labour can decrease the risk of dissatisfaction in the birth experience by 31%

  • Doula support also decreased the length of labour by an average of 41 minutes

Evidence taken from Cochrane Review updated and published by Megan A Bohren et al in 2017.

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