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Client Experiences

Parents share what my support meant to them



I wanted to find a doula who was able to support me as a black woman navigating the NHS (particularly as I have been living away from the UK for the last few years) and have found she is so knowledgeable and approachable it has calmed my nerves and has made me feel very prepared. We have bonded over both virtual and face to face meetings (including chai lattes) that worked super well around my availability. Dedicated sessions have allowed me the space to find the questions I wanted to ask and be reassured without judgement to find what will work for me in terms of preparing my birth plan and antenatal education - where no question is to silly to ask! Lorraine has great tips and recommendations which will add to your toolkit preparation both before and after birth also which have provided really helpful resources I might not have found otherwise


You've supported us perfectly and in a very flexible way, depending on our and the babies needs on the day during those intense first few weeks. Our needs varied and were impossible to plan ahead, yet you managed to find a way to complement them so well. We're so thankful for that and are happy to have shared our journey with you.


“My wife and I had been through a rough ride to reach this point in our lives. Mentally we had to deal with constant anxiety associated with a daunting, repetitive process of fertility treatment.

Finally, we got the news we’d hoped for and we were excited (whilst cautious) about starting our own family. Then the C-bomb hit. COVID-19 came in with anger and we were in lockdown.

We desperately wanted this pregnancy to go well. My wife wanted to be as informed as possible about her pregnancy and the birth process.

We immersed ourselves in hypnobirthing, NCT classes, podcasts, books. But there was something else that Annie was keen to explore, the help of a doula.

After some searching we found Lorraine. She quickly become part of our journey.

Before the baby’s arrival she helped us explore our birth preferences and helped try and navigate COVID-19 restrictions. She made suggestions on what to prep for when we all got home and after our boy arrived. She helped me with advice on negotiating some difficult experiences of birth. She was always just a Zoom call or a text message away.

Yes, a doula is traditionally there as primary support for the new mum but her birth partner preparation support sessions were a crucial part in my journey and made me part of the conversation.

I was mentally prepared and if there is one key thing that dads need to be ready for too, it’s the psychological journey. As well as building the pram, painting the nursery, and packing the freezer full of soup, get your head ready too."


Whether in person or via Facetime, I always had a better day after speaking to Lorraine. She helped us to put our birth plan together, taught me practical things but I think the most valuable thing for me was that she reminded me that I had a voice and how to use it. So I wasn’t scared to say what I needed and wanted. Lorraine made my feelings and emotions feel valid.


I was first introduced to Lorraine during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was unsure as to what a doula was and how Lorraine could actually be a virtual help to me and my partner during the later stages of pregnancy and the birth of my second child.
She instantly made me feel at ease and as though we had known each other for a long time.
My biggest worry was that I would have no support from family or friends due to lockdown rules, so anxiety was at a very high level. I also suffered with postnatal depression after I had my eldest son.

Our regular video calls soon started to feel like a coffee with a friend. Lorraine is the most considerate, understanding, and down-to-earth person you could ever wish to have at the end of the phone.

I found Lorraine to be extremely personable and professional and at times she was able to help melt my troubles and anxieties away. Tuesdays and Thursdays became my favourite days of the week because it meant that I could chat about my daily life as a new mum-of-two without any judgement or feeling like I was saying the wrong thing. I felt so comfortable and uplifted after every call.

I honestly would say that without Lorraine's virtual doula support, my pre- and post-birth experiences would have been very different. I definitely could not recommend her help and services as a doula enough.

Even through virtual means, it feels like she is there to help you with anything at all. I felt empowered.

I could not be more thankful for Lorraine, she truly is an angel and I could not recommend her enough to be part of anyone’s pregnancy journey. She is such a special person to offer her help to mum's during this difficult time.

Thank you, Lorraine, with all my heart. X


In this uncertain time, more than ever, we need a Lorraine in our lives!

I had my first child prior to ‘mama2mama’ but even at that time her messages and support as I navigated through first time motherhood, were invaluable. mama2mama continues to comfort me and other new mamas and mamas-to-be. Thank you!


Lorraine has been my guardian angel during my first pregnancy. This being my first baby, I was also battling a chronic illness and was therefore booked in for a planned C-section. Although the midwives and specialists spoke with me about my options, they were very top line and factual. Lorraine gave me so much more than practical support; she helped my anxiety throughout pregnancy and helped me to prepare for my daughter's birth. She shared with me coping techniques and told me about practices I didn’t know existed and I was totally unaware they were available to me. She provided me with information on breast feeding, my birthing options during a caesarean and even practicalities to help with my chronic pain during pregnancy. She was a calm and reassuring presence throughout a time that I felt very vulnerable, frightened and confused. It was so lovely to know I had someone I could turn to.

I knew that whenever I needed support or simply someone to sit and talk to, I could go straight to Lorraine. 
She ensured I didn’t miss out on any important and special moments such as gentle birthing and skin-to-skin. I didn’t think I would have any positive memories of my pregnancy or birth but because of Lorraine’s enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement I can look back and smile!
Lorraine’s kindness, support and care haven’t stopped now baby has arrived. She will always check in on me, offer support and bring happiness and positivity to what can sometimes feel like a very lonely world!
Before this pregnancy I was unaware that I needed doula support but now I know that everyone needs a Lorraine!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!