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Postnatal Doula Support Service

As a new mum or parent, the focus of my support will be on you as you heal, rest, and bond with your new baby. From feeding and sleep support to nourishing you and providing you with information about how to care for you and your new baby. Listening to your needs or just holding baby whist you sleep; My postpartum support services are there for you.

As your doula I will:

  • Create space and time for you to explore your birth experience

  • Listen to how you feel without fear of judgement

  • Provide support to your partner/family so that they are able to best support you

  • Support you in feeding your baby however you choose to feed. This includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a little bit of both

  • Support your sleep journey with gentle sleep practices for you and your baby to get the rest you both need to thrive

  • Prepare nourishing meals for you and your family that will not only help you to heal but also provide you with comfort when you need it most

  • Care for your baby whilst you eat, sleep, shower, and pee in peace

  • Help to answer all those “is this normal?” questions and help you to understand your baby’s needs

  • Offer help around the house and take care of the chores so you can focus on you and your baby and your family can focus on you

  • Offer support and care of any other children and/or pets

  • Help you find additional resources to support your parenting journey including mother and baby groups, health practitioners, and support networks in your area

  • Professional new-born photography is also available for an additional investment


Packaged Support- £675 (20 hours, minimum 2 hours per session) 

All support given in your first 12 weeks after birth.


Pay As you go- £35 per hour (minimum 2 hours per session)

I also provide email, call, and text support in between sessions. So support never feels too far away.

Overnight support is available on request at an additional fee per night.

Additional hours of support can be added to any service.

Don't let finances get in the way of any support you need and deserve. Please ask if you would like to pay in instalments or create a bespoke package for any of my services.