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Birth Support Services

No matter where you are choosing to have your baby or how you decide to give birth, I will be there to help you prepare for the birth that you want. During your birth I will be there to support your physical and emotional needs throughout. By protecting your birth environment, I will help to ensure you have the best experience you can. My support packages are tailored to your needs. Every person, every baby and every birth is different. What is detailed in my packages below is the foundation of the support I provide and I will work with you for any other care that you need.

As your doula I will:

​During Pregnancy

  • Listen to your hopes and fears about birth and help you to work through them.

  • Guide you through evidence-based information to inform your birth choices.

  • Support you to create your ideal birth plan including plans B and C if things change.

  • Talk you through the realities of labour, what to expect and how your body may feel

  • Support for your birth partner (if you have one)

  • Help you to prepare for early parenthood and plan how you will look after yourself and baby once they arrive

During your birth

  • Support you from whatever point you need me during your labour

  • Remind you of your birth plan and help you to achieve it

  • Offer support with effective breathing and hypnobirthing techniques (if using them)

  • Offer you physical support through light touch, counter pressure and massage

  • Help to maintain the environment you would like for birth including setting up your birth pool (if using), and tidying up your birth space after if you are at home

Following your birth

  • Create space and time for you to talk about your birth experience

  • Offer you information to help you care for your baby

  • Support with breastfeeding if this is how you choose to feed your baby

  • Support you to get rest by holding baby while you sleep

  • Help out around the house, put a wash on, clear the dishes, make the tea, cook dinner      


My Support Packages

You can also build your own bespoke package that works for you and your needs.

Options to add:

  • Additional in person pregnancy support sessions

  • Birth photography packages

  • Birth essentials care package

  • Continuous virtual support for 6 months


Payment plans available for all services, so please do not let finances get in the way of the support you want and deserve.

My Clients Say

"We would not have had the experience we had welcoming our son into the world at home without Lorraine. We all deserve the space and support to be able to make informed decisions about our babies and our bodies, and working with Lorraine provided us that opportunity. We will be forever grateful"
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