Distanced Doula Support

Born out of the need for distanced support during the Covid-19 pandemic, this service is flexible and accessible to all parents on their journeys.

So, no matter where you are on your journey, my remote support gives you all the benefits of having a doula even if you are staying safe at home.

Pregnancy support

As your doula, I will:​

  • Support you from any point in your journey, including support through assisted conception or if you are experiencing pregnancy after loss

  • Listen to you during our weekly video/voice calls so you can talk through whatever you need

  • Share with you the info you need about local birthing locations and health care options

  • Share with you evidence-based info, so that you can make informed choices 

  • Help you to prepare your birth plans including preparation in case things change

  • Provide 1-2-1 antenatal education so you know what to expect through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood 

  • Help to prepare you and your partner (if you have one) for early parenthood and how you will care for your new arrival


Postnatal Support​

As your doula, I will:​​

  • Be there for you in those really important, and sometimes daunting, first weeks as a new parent

  • Support your feeding journey however you choose to feed your baby

  • Help to answer all those 'is this normal' questions and help you to understand your baby's needs

  • Help to support your expectations for sleep

  • Create space and time for you to explore your birth experience

  • Listen to how you feel without fear of judgement

  • Provide support to your partner/family so that they are able to best support you

  • Help you find additional resources to support your parenting journey including online baby groups, health practitioners, and support networks in your area



4 Remote Support Session Package (90 mins per session)



Instant Support Session (up to 2 hours)




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United Kingdom

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